Calcium Bentonite Clay

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Organic Calcium Bentonite Clay by ABC HEALTH

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ABC Health LLC specializes in providing 100% organic calcium bentonite clay products that are sourced directly from the earth and minimally processed to maintain their natural purity. ABC Health calcium bentonite clay is composed of 100% natural calcium bentonite, mined from deep within the earth. The clay is sun-dried, then ground into a fine powder, packed immediately, and shipped.

ABC Health takes pride in using no additives, preservatives or artificial fragrances in their products, ensuring only the highest quality for customers.

Their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is reflected throughout our provision and education process. The company sources their raw materials from environmentally conscious, ethical suppliers, and supports fair trade practices wherever possible.

They prioritize transparency in all aspects of business and encourage customer feedback and continuing education that can help future generation maintain health. ABC Health is a reputable and high-quality pure organic bentonite clay company that prioritizes natural, sustainable, and ethical practices throughout our structure and health process.

Their commitment to transparency and education, coupled with their pure and effective bentonite clay, makes us a great choice for health-conscious individuals looking for premium organic bentonite clay for longevity and good health.

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