What Do You Want To Do?


What Do I Want To Do?

What do I want to do is a big question that I have been given.

Men are here to build things, it seems.

Feel like being led to build things, really focus and accomplish wonders.

Been embracing my healing journey and getting in a really good mental space.

Healing all childhood and inner child wounds on a very deep level.

Learning and teaching how to move in the mud of life.

It is very simple, if you find yourself in hell, keep moving.

The trouble is that how do we know that we are in hell and how do we move in such a place where everything around you is trying to trap and keep you stuck.

What do I want to do?

Build useful, great, meaningful things that stand the test of time.

We are in a world and age where it seems like we have to get a lot done to be seen, heard and compensated.

That we have to answer to so many people to please and make sure that we don't get on their bad side.

This is a great workspace for me to really build and express self.

Been deep cleaning my most personal space, moving like a ninja, letting everyone else be, however they so choose.

It is time for me to get paid, and paid well. I have learned and overcome so much in life.

Everybody loves my energy but there is a part of protecting myself because we need to learn about personal space.

This is not just a physical thing as everything is really mental.

This is why we get into Internal Arts Mind.

It is not my responsibility to understand for you.

Follow along and you will grasp it at one point.

What do I want to do?

Teach, help people and be of value.

So deep cleaning is such a integral part of what I have learned.

It is so very true that if you don't make your bed in the morning then what.

What else are you going to do? That is the first thing to do and if you do not, then are you not avoiding or distracting in some form.

This is a deep teaching as I have done some experiements with staying in my tent.

Where you take down everything in the morning and put it back up before evening.

This helps us see our carbon footprint and what we are really doing.

What it truly takes to live and what has been done for us. This is something that we do not have to do though at other points in history, we do.

There are many things to be thankful for and this is one of the main posts.

Helping others develop their spiritual practice and devotion inside themselves with whatever faith they may choose.

Thankfulness and meditation are core parts of all.

It is what is needed to truly change your life.

You can say what you want to say but if you are not listening to me then I do not have to listen to you.

Many people are stuck, wasting time, banging their head against the way, saying the same narrative.

To change your life, have to change your paradigm, have to change your narrative, which requires you to change what you are saying to yourself and trying to say to others.

What will it take for you to drop the drama, choas, gossip, here say, and assumpations that are causing so much harm.

What do you want to do?

Do you want to embrace your healing journey and bring forth the peace that never leaves.

If so, follow along with Master Shane of Internal Arts Mind with Healing Holistic Being Temple