Who is Master Shane?

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Welcome to InternalArtsMind.com.

My name is Shane and this is the space where I am publicly sharing my journey here. I have been on a journey of self discovery and love. As I felt a lot of things growing up that I did not understand though I felt a need to, I sought hard. Through my journey this far, I have learned a lot. I was not raised in a religious household though I had a great thirst for spirituality. I was to go off on my own discovery and understanding. That journey continues as the next chapter begins with me sharing and helping others find themselves.

I seek for this to be a place of inspiration as I understand that is a big part in life. It depends upon ourselves as we have the choice to perceive how we wish. This is where Witness Miracles comes in. Be inspired, let everything inspire you to become your potential. If negative emotions arise, investigate and face them so that they can be transformed, for that is the inner work. As one has said, “Success is moving from step to step without losing enthusiasm.” It is also a place for me to hold myself accountable and continue my next level in organization and self manifestation. Building a library is one of my dreams and this can act as my public library.

With gifts in business and spirituality, I seek to use business as a force of good. I am building a new energy healing system called HealingHolisticBeing.com along with a complementary life coaching platform, holisticbeingcoaching.com and mastershane.com. I am building meditateblossom.com to help learn, share and teach meditation.

About Shane Remastered

With entrepreneurship in his history, Shane always excelled at business with a deep interest in spirituality and understanding. Early on he took a risk to create his own path in life and is now reaping the blessings. Through many great teachings, he is here today to share. You see, as great as a story may be, we have to be here now. There are many hero stories that have inspired future generations into their own greatness. It is about finding that which inspires you into fulfillment of your own true being.

Through meditation training, inner work, scholastic study, and a deep sense of integrity, Shane faced and overcame a lot of psychological wounds that deeply affected him. It seemed that few could truly aid in such a time of need. It was difficult to speak with many. Luckily, Shane received a business teacher of a lifetime and experienced personal coaching with a deep sense of belief in high school. This helped him challenge himself in areas that he excelled which helped to create a sense of self confidence and esteem towards accomplishment. He always enjoyed challenging himself though not everyone was encouraging. It was up to him to truly find that inside.

“With the aid of those who deeply touch and inspire, one feels a sense of contribution.”

With the experience of quite a hand of teachers and coaches that really saw something special in Shane. He took it into other arenas with books and audios, timelessness. Though nothing compares to that one on one interaction with a coach. That level of feedback and accountability. It is said that one can rehabilitate their energy very quickly with a master. A long life lived in a dull state can leave one very numb and oblivious to their own nature. To continuously build a positive mental attitude towards life can take some time though it is well worth it, nothing else compares.

Through difficult times, Shane has been given a light. Hope, inspiration to continue on when it seemed all hope was gone. Through those times where everything is riding on the line. Even when one is so ashamed to really reach out and ask for help. Through health and financial challenges at the same time. When one begins to believe in the worst. It can be a dangerous state. With hope and inspiration, we can find a way out of it. It is much more difficult for things to get better if we do not get mentally better inside.

As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. As we are all on our own healing journey. Those books came to life in Shanes life, as his master teacher appeared. Nothing compares to that level of feedback and accountability. Personal and professional coaching is very special in the development of oneself. It is a level of responsibility that has to be experienced. You really do not know how productive a highly productive person is and how much they really enjoy it until you get around one. To know someone who is on point, in their fulfillment doing something they love. Happiness and joy that is deeply felt and experienced with high efficiency.

With the great assistance and aid of others, Shane is here today. His interest in health and background in the kitchen has brought him some enriching experiences in alternative healthcare and wellness. Poetry has warmed his soul and he looks to expand that experience as he opens up and shares his gifts to the world. What is broken, can be mended.