Why Not Write A Blog Post Before Social Media Post


For now, this is my space.

Doing my best in this space here now.

If I can write a social media post, why not write a blog post on my own property.

Now, yes, organic social media might be the most underpaid marketing opportunity right now.

New idea for me this morning after walk, no social media before a certain time frame.

Studying Dan Koe, sharing my healing journey. He lays some things out real nice.

Been thinking about building properties into valuable places and spaces.

Like how social media creates a feed, can create your own feed on your own property.

It is important that we get into ownership and what it truly means.

Are you truly ready for your audience? How are you with pets? What about a plant? How about keeping your room and closet clean. Not talking about the home, talking about your most personal and inner space.

What is your message, distilling, understanding and embodying it.

What is this really about, self expression, first have to know self.

This is about value and improving our lives.

Helping to improve with better understanding and receiving in life.

Seen and experienced a lot of things, we are stuck inside a paradigm for the most part until we truly awaken inside ourselves.

Can see the programming that most people are in.

My job is not to convince and convert people out of old belief.

To share love, compassion and point the direction back into true self.

To show people how to without how to just from one fish bowl into another.

This is a great illustration that one of my early teachers really built their message around.

Reality is there we are all running around, jumping around like monkeys on branches when we may very well be sitting on acres of diamonds.

We don't really know and understand what we have already, what we have in our hands until we truly surrender within and look.

So, as I do, I can truly show. As I truly learn, I can teach.

And this is my space to teach.

We have differenet platforms and it can get overwhelming.

One of things we teach is ownership and such so this can act as a hub in a way.

This is the center of the center of the teachings for complete understanding inside oneself.

This is about personal development through complete transformation.

Small change that I create a different brand to be personal development media so that I can sell that later and not Internal Arts Mind.

Internal Arts Mind is first business of many and might never be sold.

Easy to create different brands and sell them. This is the business game, peep the game.

We are all a brand, we are all a business. With the introduction of virtual influences, brands are more important than ever and taking the business side way more serious.

It is very important that we work together and help each other succeed rather than let only a small number of big brands dominate.

So we first have to learn about business operations and management. We have to learn about sourcing and building relationships. We have to learn about being professional which requires personal development. Taking care of your emotions, having your life together so that you are not scrabbling to get things done.

To be in a clear state of mind and be able to function and perform under any circumstance.

This is great introduction to Seminar Sunday.