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Accelerating Your Healing Journey by Master Shane

MasterMaster Shane Leave a Comment

I say that we are all on our own healing journey because it helps with a deep understanding.

For instances, we are interconnected and also connected with “technology” that enables us to physically see into each others lives. It is like going on a retreat or vacation without leaving home.

Though at one point, we have to go back to our own world and life. And if we do not tend to our own world and life, neglect piles up, desirable things struggle and undesirable things grow.

Things are not always what they seem and we are not here to fight each other. We are here to accept, learn, and love one another regardless of opinions. Learning to work together is a big lesson we are all learning in these training grounds we call creaturehood.

Learning to use and share our resources wisely is very important instead of fighting each other. It is time to start looking within yourself and seeing what you can do for the world rather than what the world can do for you. It is time to grow up spiritually.

It is time to challenge yourself on your own terms when no one else is watching to prepare yourself for times when you will have to find that inside of you. It is time to challenge yourself and seek fulfillment rather than looking at just getting by and doing the least amount of work and thinking. This is your own self worth and sense of self. The less you do, the more you dull your mind. And your mind is not something you want to waste.

Learn the easy way, and learn how to learn in meditation rather than having to experience what you need to experience in life. There are life lessons that we have come here to learn.

Some people use their whole life to accumulate physical wealth and riches only to discover that they have not even scratched the surface or taken one step towards their dreams. Some people stay stuck in poverty and suffer way more than what they need to. It is time for well being across the board.

“We have so that we can give and we give so that we have.” – Turtle Hawk ( I love you Turtle Hawk)

Anyone who knows where they want or need to be in life, has a plan and is making reasonable progress is a success.

Please understand that things are not what they seem. If you feel something and would like to train with me, let me know.

The medical field has saved my life and on the other side of it, healing has saved my life. I have had to heal from things that doctors could not help me with. I have helped doctors in ways and they have a lot of respect for me as I have for them. True healing is unexplainable, it is a miracle. There is more that we do not know then what we know. We are not here to try and figure everything out, as humans, we only see a very small fraction of the information available. We can see things from many different points of views. Do not get too stuck in what you see that you forget that you can change your perceptive and point of view.

Walking around thinking you know it all creates a lot of suffering in your life. I have had to learn on how to walk again several times, there is no limit to how humble we can be.

This world needs a lot of healing.

I am working on a very dear program that will be released soon.

Let me know if you are open, willing and ready to do your part in what is necessary, in first learning to look within and truly heal you first.

This is a new day, new week, new year, let it be a new you.

Understand that the next 5 years do not have to be anything like the last.

You can transform like you never could imagine before if you open up your mind and heart.

Let me know if I can be of service, I seek to be a man of value.

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