Allowing My Life Together, Whole, In Divine Order.

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Allowing my life together in divine order, whole as I truly am. Life is in the moment and what do we really need in this moment. There are many things that we have been taught and sometimes we need to unlearn something. There is something to this movement of minimalism, to the experiences of life. There is also a part to ownership and responsibility. So where do we find that balance and harmony inside of our self. How do we know that our life is in divine order.

They say that we use the first half of our life here accumulating things and later on in life parting with things. There may be a trend towards, what we call, hoarding. What is the spiritual meaning here because we live with these things that we accumulated. Not only that but we have many people trying to give other people things without realizing what they are doing. We have been very unconscious and abusive. This is not to put down, to help in divine order. That we do not need to experience life like this, that it has been placed upon us without realizing. There is an energy to everything as everything is energy. So, what is the energy of these things.

You may have heard of the saying about emptying ones cup. What does this mean? In terms of divine order, sometimes we can create obstacles to that. Maybe others are creating that for us without us realizing. This is a focus for me right now as I realize the constant obstacles and patterns showing up. Getting real acquitted with the energies that I have been dealing with my whole life here so far. Learning on how to move through that, even if it may be, what one would say, the mud in life. What is the mud in life?

The mud, the crap in life, is the lower quality stuff that is best for fertilizer to something else. And we serve or dish whatever is inside of us so the higher quality within, the higher quality we can actually serve. So what is the process of transforming the lower quality within to higher quality. The importance of ones spiritual practice, is not about proving or showing anything to anyone else. It is about you living your dreams here now. Building and designing a beautiful life, consciously. It may take years and that is okay, it is your healing journey. Through many years of building inner strength, going out into the world and retreating back within, I have transformed much within me. Through that I have developed great self worth as I rid the crap within. Ridding the crap within helps open one up to the blessings of life that are always present.

So it may not always be about going speedy fast as much as it is about expanding ones awareness. Do you really know where you are in life and where you want to go. Are you really on track to your highest dreams? The answer is not always yes just as that plane has to constantly readjust back on course, so do we. And it is very risky to depend on others to keep you on your course or path in life. What is your path in life. What is the path that you have been taught? Are there any obstacles in the way. This is about emotional intelligence and thinking logically out of anything. Rising up to the challenge of life that other people may try to put you in a box and it is your responsibility to get out of that back, not in anger.

Are the people telling you how to live your life truly happy with theirs? And even so, you have your own life to live so maybe you are not happiest living like someone else. Who said that we have to have life figured out so early in life by following a per-planned mass produced course.

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