Eat That Frog, Keep Picking It Up

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We are healing, eat that frog. Do what you have been really avoiding and open up the floodgates of success in your life today. How does that sound? You know, one of the things that I have been thinking about is marketing, in a different way that provides massive innovative quality value. The kind that you didn’t even know before but complete helps you change your life and others for the best in all. So to create first enjoyable and second needle moving content. There is a lot of the same stuff being talked about in a way. The personal development field has grown a lot and entered many other fields. Though it may be easy to get a life coach certificate, who really knows life? What is life? When is it more than just words. We do need something we can feel in our hearts, something genuine.

This is a question that I have been asking myself for awhile now. What is life? I have gotten to a very deep understanding inside myself and continue. And right now, just complete surrender inside the self. So what is really holding me back? Doing the few steps that are consuming your mind though have been unwilling to face. The power in reviewing, working on content about report card. Which, is part of the Holistic Being Coaching Program. This is a place where I can communicate, express, build and share. You see, a big part of the healing journey is developing ones focus and concentration to do what is necessary in the moment. Using what one may call, choice-less awareness. Developed myself great with words and excited to pursue more colorful painting. I hope to help others with writing and reading to help develop ones intellectual abilities. It is about reprogramming yourself to become success in your life, which what Internal Arts Mind is about. The temple will act for the community and tribe. Happy to receive clarity and understanding in the origination of mental clarity and acuteness. One of the things we are all searching for.

Eat that frog, do what can really move the needle in your life. Do what you really want to do. You are where you are so you either allow the peace within or not. And the spiritual challenge, teaching is to be at peace anywhere you go. Learning this on a much deeper level of trusting that I am where I am needed, complete surrender in service. There was a point in meditation where I realized that I very well could just be sitting in a temple right now, dreaming myself as Shane. Just like the zen story of the master who woke perplexed as to whether or not he was a man or a butterfly dreaming the other to be. Which reminds me of butterfly books, a childhood book store, maybe a name someone can use, I like it.

This is a big teaching for the youth in what I have learned. The whole process of getting in action, pursing to do what you love and in the process, love what you do. It goes hand in hand, one hand feeds the other. So to get to that place inside of you where you are truly doing what you love to do, you have to cultivate love and compassion somehow. Understanding that the majority of people are not doing what they love. They are doing something to make a living that provides them the life they want to live during off time. May everyone do what they truly love to do in their hearts. So it is important to be aware and careful of what we say is resonance. Especially in the morning, we have our own morning practice as part of the coaching programs.

Meaning that you have to find the security inside yourself. Along the way, you will meet people who have given up and will call you names in the defense of them not pursuing their dreams anymore. So it begins with knowing that you have a dream. I have a dream and building the will to pursue, even peacefully fight for it to become a reality. It does not require you to go out in the world and sell other people on your idea of you. You have to become your best idea of you. But first have to develop that best idea of you, that ideal. Developing your own personal philosophy of life. So eating that frog can be mental training in some form that may not feel comfortable. To challenge yourself and grow through it because that is true self pleasure, fulfillment. Every living thing either grows or not so part of its purpose is to grow. This is a very simple way we can start to live more on purpose as we pursue to know our specific purpose here.

Eating that frog can be calling someone, writing a letter, or even painting. One of the great daily practices is going for a walk. Like in the morning and say 20 minutes after a light meal. Whatever helps build momentum in your life. There is the part of becoming someone in the world and we do this by making sacrifices. We trade our time for activities that hopeful help us become and live our dreams, we form habits. And a big part of the healing journey is building more constructive habits. Not missing the point here because the whole point of doing healing work is to heal. There may be times where we get so caught up that we are doing healing work just to do work or something. Kind of like how we spend money just to spend money even though that is not what it is designed for. This is part of the healing process to get out of hard work. Working more on feeling worthy and deserving rather than prove our love through time spent and or activities done. Life is lived at a frequency but that is not what life is, time spent. We can say that life is made up of time and space though that is only in mans mind, there is something beyond that. There is a reality where time and space do not exist.

We form habits and build a lifestyle to live a certain life. Often times we may be influenced by others to live a certain life. My path has been to find my own express in life. There is no need to be afraid of growing up and building a life of habits, of responsibility. Building your schedule because that is how you build a life that we are all hoping to live. Understanding that you can change it. You do not have to continue complaining about your life. If you find yourself expressing in that manner then you know it is time to change. And for anything outside to change, there needs to be internal change.

Anyone can become strong inside themselves. There may have been a lot of bullying so this is not to make anyone feel funny inside. In fact, this is to help those who may have felt paralyzed and dream of it someday. It begins with knowing that you have a dream and using your will to pursue it, make it a reality. Keeping good records and going back reviewing to make proper adjustments for accelerated manifestation.

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