Find Out What Works For You and Work On The Process, Joyfully.

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What is the purpose, what is the purpose of it all. Finding what works because at the end of the day, it works. Finding your voice and enjoying the process. At the end of the day, it is what you did with the day inside yourself. The progress you make within and how you make it. Sometimes we wrestle with ourselves, like we think it is worse than what it really is. Or, that we think we are not good enough or no one will want to hear what we have to say. Maybe a core theme is being heard. Ultimately these are just some thoughts that I am sharing with you that I have to be at peace with. That I am developing in a process for self actualization. The facts are that I was the audience, I still am. And what is this all about, to make it a great experience. I know how life changing it can be, it saved my life. And it really takes more than that, to not just survive but to thrive. To be more proactive with health and well-being.

It makes such a world of difference, night and day. There are cycles and patterns in life and so we can create positive or negative cycles and patterns in our life. It can be wise to take a step back and ensure those are positive in our life. To reflect and clean up anything. Forgiveness is not something we do when it is called for. It is a daily practice of self love, care and nourishment. The web is weaved deep and there are many things we are unaware of. What we can see is that there is a lot of harm being done in the world and few people taking responsibility to do something positive. There is also a lot of good being done. Meaning, there is a lot of room for growth and awakening. A growth mindset is a healthy mind. The research with neuroplasticity is very inspiring and that is what Internal Arts Mind is about, in reprogramming the mind.

That is what sparked my journey when I pondered, what if I could reprogram my mind for happiness since I realized that I was not happy. The rabbit hole is very deep and it all comes down to each individual. What motivates them and how do they best learn. Are they visual, audio or kinesthetic type of person. There are many great works that have contributed and inspired. Immersion and engagement are key aspects to make our learning stick. Self sabotage is real and we can play that out subconsciously on many different levels. Finding out what works for you, today. It works, and so we have to make sure that we are working with it because we are it. Part of the purpose of this is not only help you reprogram yourself, to help me reprogram. I am learning more and more how important review is. There are so many aspects that I have learned, in that learning is a superpower. Though, first, in today’s time, we have to be careful of what we are consuming and the different types of chemicals. Programs being released.

What is this about, this is about honest self expression. It is about finding your expression. Being able to put yourself out there and then readjust as necessary. One of the core practices that I have done is to go out in the world and retreat to regain inner strength. Ultimately we have to live with ourselves. We can not sell or move out of the mind body temple. There is no off button. There is no, oh, I don’t like this so I am going to just quit. That is a toxic and harmful attitude towards life. One of the beginning points is to just work on developing a positive attitude towards work and doing in general, in taking care and loving. In being able to do things without looking for anything in return. To take care of yourself, happily. And part of that, in a economic society, is to make money to put food on the table.

We want to look into this deeper, to not just make money but to do good in the world. Money is a tool to help us take care of the world. Not to get into any specific religion but it is not hard to see that we are, in fact, some type of care taker for this world. And the more that we just stand around talking about this word called global warming not looking within, the more we destroy ourselves. So, as I have been cleaning up my closet, cleaning up my life. I am sharing and helping others do the same. Asking yourself, what is working and improving the process, system. Because in business, it is well known by now that it is in continuous improvements that create wonders through time, not in the people but in the process that guides. There is a lot that I have been working on to be released in life coaching and meditation. So, a great practice is to look at what is and what is not working in your life. To stop and remove the things that are not working in your life. Looking at self sabotage and how clutter can slow you down. What do you really need besides to fulfill your purpose. You can go without a meal or two but how long can you live with yourself knowing that you could of done and become more in life.

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