Looking For Purpose.

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Looking For Purpose.

A sense of purpose in life is essential and the deeper, the better. It provides one with a sense of dignity and certainty which is key in uncertain times. What is needed is hope, optimism, forgiveness, kindness, and a deep sense of all belonging.

It is what wakes you up in the morning. It is what gets you out of bed without second thoughts, without negations. It becomes such a part of your day that there is no morning battle. This is something we are all involved in different ways.

It was something big that I dealt with as a child growing up and now can understand it much deeper. It allows me to shake it off and protect myself from emotional disturbances or get back on track much quicker. 

There is an understanding where time is not part of the equation. Most of the time, we create time. We make things more difficult than what they need to be. So there is a part of letting the world be the world as you embrace your healing journey and have mercy for all. Only those who walk in the shoes truly know that person and path in life.

The curiosity of ones purpose in life is a saving grace. Turning away from trouble and devoting yourself to constructively using your energy and attention is very wise. And so the sense of purpose goes beyond oneself as they realize the contributions that have allowed them graces in life.

Development in spiritual practice as the major aim is that relationship with the essence inside yourself, all that is.


Meditation Center in Green Bay Wisconsin

The 21 Point Meditation™ at the Meditation Healing Center in Green Bay Wisconsin with Master Shane. 

Meditation is a practice where an individual trains their attention and expands their awareness. This practice helps them achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state inside themselves. The 21 Point Meditation ™ technique is a new universal method that is not based in any particular religion or belief. It is a technique that everybody can use to resolve past traumatic experiences to gain a more clear mind and vision. To deepen their spiritual belief inside themselves and expand their awareness and understanding beyond the physical. This is for everyone regardless of experience and skill as it is all about you. Openness, willingness and honesty are the requirements.

Sacred and safe space will be created to support healing and the individual to open their heart and allow self love into their life.

Visit us at the The Healing Holistic Being Temple in Green Bay, Wisconsin in The United States of America. 

Master Shane will provide a private 10 minute session for each individual that attends the meditation retreats and center classes. 

Upon fulfillment of a weekend retreat a certification of completion will be awarded.

This does not mean that you can teach The 21 Point Meditation ™ Technique but that you have completed basic training. Master Shane is the only certified teacher of this method.

Contact to sign up and reserve your seat on the floor of healing for the 21 Point Meditation.

May you be free from all disturbances.

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