There Must Be More To Life – Dare to Dream

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There must be more to life, dare to dream. This is a great way for me to express and communicate, building. Realized to use the temple for building the community, very exciting. One of the key concepts used for success has been moving quickly. There is truth to that as it aligns with divine order and structure. Organization and structure have been very important components of my life here. So, making sure that you implement reviewing and adjusting when necessary for divine order.

There comes a point when you wonder if there is more to life. When you wonder if there has to be more to life than just hard work. It is almost like, many have been born into this word struggle. Does it have to be so, is there a more aligned way to achieve and fulfill? Studying and being mentored, it has taken me awhile to understand consultations. What it truly means to sit down with someone that can help you better identify what it is that you exactly need right now. This is very powerful in today’s world where it may seem like many are aggressively campaigning a specific message. To get out of this clock time rat race of thinking what you want or need is far far away and that you need to work really really hard to get it. That you need to call and sell people on your idea of life. There is a part of selling that comes when one truly believes inside themselves, that you are selling others on themselves.

There may be many that even promote themselves as one that does though do they. That is ones own business and that is how someone gets to that level inside themselves. It may take time to build and be elegant though staying on point, building one stone at a time. This is about touching one heart at a time, that is what I am blessed with. It is just what is on the inside that matters and sometimes we have to take the time to clean up ourselves. There is no need to worry about others as that is not our responsibility, our responsibility is to trust inside ourselves that all is well at one point inside the self. I have a dream, note to self, write about that empowering statement to self.

This is the approach that we have been taught. To go out into the world and save it. We have to be careful of taking on others karma. Our responsibility is to take care of our own karma. That if someone wants to become more in life, give more, that they must go out in the so called world right away. A sense of urgency can be very beneficial though self knowledge is the true power, as everything is love. I took a different approach with proper training, i just started sitting where I was. So we can go out in the world and become alive because of the world or we can find the life inside of us right now. The more we entertain the idea that this life we are trying to live is far off, the more suffering we create inside ourselves. What belief must we hold for that to manifest in our reality?

Embracing your own healing journey, focusing on you rather than other peoples stories in life. At one point, have to figure out your own story. Getting deeper into the meaning of success is one step away, meaning that there is no need for 1,000 steps today, you just need the right one today that puts you in the right direction. Even so, maybe the journey of 1,000 steps is really only one with the proper awareness and perceptive of no perceptive. So do you dare to dream? Dare to think bigger than your current perceptive and experience of reality? Dare to use your imagination to draw new things into your experience of reality? Dare to operate out of pure imagination to resolve and heal your families story?

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