What Are You Working On?

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What are you currently working on today? This can be a very empowering question and Internal Arts Mind hopes to be empowering to the ones that want to do good in the world. The light is for the day, in the open, so everyone can see. And, it is up to us to journey inside the self to awaken that light inside ourselves. There may be a lot of bullying going on in the world and maybe we have been taught the wrong approach. It is okay because we can look at it in a neutral way. It does not mean that there is something bad with it just that it produces harm.

Internal Arts Mind hopes to help others look inside themselves for the answer in their life. Growing up, we may be taught to look outside of ourselves which may work for some time though can be exhausting at one point. There is a point where we must journey back to source. What do we really have in this moment? Who are we? Who am I? These are the type of questions we will be exploring here though it is not up to “me” to provide you, your answer. I can point the way though it is you who must awaken the true master inside yourself.

The intention of this post was to post as I was reviewing as saw that I have not posted for awhile. What I can do is be real, honest and willing to do what is right in this moment. That is what we have, this moment. Now, I do not intent for it to be a long post as I intent to build momentum, I still have my top 3 in mind. Sharing what has helped me and continues to do so, The Works of Brian Tracy have deeply impacted and touched my heart in a positive manner as it continues to deepen. I have become an affiliate of some of his programs and will be promoting them in ways. I am always actively working on other partnerships and sharing my journey of becoming more professional. I have sought to build a professional creative career for awhile and have been going through a deep healing journey to clear myself of anything that my hinder. In fact, I have been in and out of university and college a lot, hahahaha. Will have to write about that, helping to inspire others into divine action now to better serve the world.

So, the point of this post is, what am I working on today, right now? Brain Tracy talks about the top 3 priorities one has for the day. In fact, to be truly successful, one should prepare the day before. Sitting here at the local gathering place cafe, I nailed mine down to my top 3 projects for the main business. The 21 Point Meditation Experience, The Unvarnished Truth Circle and consultations. I do admit that Master has mention several times for me to soley focus on the 21 point, so that is a given. Though a lesson in this post is also about reviewing, which we will expand upon in more about our report card in life. The more that we can face the numbers, the so called pain, we can take care of it. It is just that we might have been taught the wrong approach in life. And, we just need to start practicing an approach that does no harm if that is what we hope for in our experience.

At the end of the day, you have to live and be happy with your life. Other people may put off what they need to do to live the dream in their heart. What are you really working on and where is it bringing you. I tried to do the common approach, path to life and it just was not for me. So, I am here sharing and helping others find their own way in life. If you feel something in your heart, take care of it and appreciate it. Take time to ask the right questions that move you on your path and listen to that innermost part of you that will never leave you.

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