What Can You Do With One Hour?

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What can you do with one hour? Training is nothing without the precision of execution. If you do not know how to live now and use one hour, then what makes you think you know what to do with a lifetime. How often do we hold ourselves back, especially with our known and unknown history. We have been discovering and understanding unknown forces since the beginning of known time. Here we are with this extraordinary tool in our pocket, how are we using it? How are we using it to enhance our life and the life of others?

How are we using it to consciously live in harmony with nature?

We all play our part and matter so do not write yourself off just because you think you are so and so. Taking care of yourself is important, health is the cornerstone of a good life. It may seem like others are moving faster than you and that is okay, what is important is making progress upon your own healing journey here. Your own wellness journey. Some say that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We think a lot but maybe we think too much. What can we do in one hour?

It is the performance that we go see and pay money for. And it is all just one big performance so how do we know our part? And how do we know that our part matters in the midst of what may seem not. How do we find that drive and fortitude the daily motivation to push ourselves for more than just what is called for us. Maybe we need something more than physical brute muscle and force? Maybe there is something more than meets the eye?

What Do You Do With Your Day?

Change is now and so the beginning of change is being honest with ourselves. Though we may not know why we do what we do. We may say one thing yet have another intention or behavior. Often times we have just chalked up ourselves, another or the situation as flawed without further investigation. We may continue to go on with our day just like we always have, maybe even like our parents or guardians without realizing what we are really doing. Internal Arts Mind is here to help one better identify their own inner art and to mend that inside of themselves to better develop as a healing holistic being inside themselves.

Allow yourself to wonder and see what you can and yearn to do in life. Everyone enjoys an interesting person and an interesting person is an engaged interested person in life. Take heed of this moment and your ability to make progress and through the persistence of inner movement, you can go places, you can make things happen. Not because you have something to prove, it’s just your own natural blossoming through compassion entering the heart.

There are many techniques of personal power that we can learn from others or develop ourselves though the question still remains, how are we using it? How are we using the power inside of ourselves? Because it can be easy to settle in life and think that you are not capable of harm when even the playing small could be causing harm in not being the inspiration that you might be here to be and play. Collectively speaking, it is time to shine hope, love, and abundance. It is within and so, let us journey to take a good look.

It is time to make things happen. No more entertaining excuses and using humor to bury our ignorance. What can you do in one hour? You can do extraordinary things through training to prepare yourself with the courage and esteem in the moment. And that moment is within this moment because this moment is the only moment. What else is there? Clear yourself of obstacles and see how your life blossoms. Stop looking for fault outside of yourself. Stop arguing for your limitations. You are loved and infinite. We are where we are. Part of the healing or wellness journey is accepting what you have gotten yourself into, understanding you have everything it takes to heal and be whole inside yourself, to be at peace.

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