What Have I Always Wanted To Do?

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What have I always wanted to do in life? Now, this may sound like a common question though we are looking to go deeper and so the first step is in knowing who we truly are. At Internal Arts Mind, we want to help inspire and promote self knowledge, awareness, health and well being for all. So making these as goals can help open up many beautiful doors for many. This is not just on a physical level but all aspects into one as they truly are. The importance of this is very critical for ones well being as they can go through life lying to themselves, telling themselves why they couldn’t of done something in life when the fact is that they are breathing and it is not over. You have time, you have the resources, you have the capability, now is the time to awaken the mindset, the consciousness.

Your dream is your dream and it is up to you to make it a reality in the midst of the old programming. It must become your magnificent obsession. Fear, failure, and rejection are your best friends, they are feedback and help you get closer to truly living your dream.

Let us face the truth. We all talk about living the dream. We can hide it inside and joke about how we came up short but that will not get us any closer. The only failure in life is giving up. Even time can be restored and made into gold in different ways once someone learns and transforms themselves. Everything is in divine time and is divinely guided. You can agree, disagree, or remain neutral. The question is, what do you really want to do?

That is what this article is about. To help you get what you want. But, first we must identify and build clarity upon what we want in life, what we truly want. We will go deeper than the average as this is not something common. Money does not equal success, money is a tool. Money will not make you happy per say, it is who you become and what it allows you to do as you are of service to the market place, to others.

Many people have gone through life thinking something specific was going to make them happy only feeling disappointment later in life. Many have been disappointed in their own eyes. This blog is getting deep into the journey of personal development and growth from direct experience. Embracing becoming a student of the universe. Learning from others so you do not have to make those mistakes or takes in life. We can do a re take but the thing is to get it in the moment. That is the goal here. To allow life to just live, free flowing.

So, let us talk about diving deeper into what we really want in life. What will support us in living a happy, healthy, and joyous life here. To really enjoy each other and our journey here.

Being of service, being useful, of value has always helped me feel good inside. We can have so many different stereotypes with classes and roles in society, in life. When the reality is that the first level of living is surviving. And that requires making a certain amount of money per year in today’s society. If you want to go live in the forest and not worry about society, that is your choice. You do not have to be so affected with the high pressure, stress, and worry. A big part of that is just people have yet to really learn on how to better manage themselves and how they deal with things in life. The first level is being able to make a living, doing what you enjoy doing. Something that is challenging yet secure in ways.

So an action step right now is to figure out what your yearly number is. What is the number for you to make per year so that you can live above water.

Now, what type of water do you want to live in?

If you do not do this action step, that is you. There is nothing stopping you but yourself in figuring out how much you need to make per year so that you do not have to worry about money to live.

This is a huge level where most are right now so there is nothing to feel ashamed about. This is the spiritual healing part that we are getting into. Building your self worth, esteem, dignity and somebodyness as Martin Luther King Jr would say. If you clean bathrooms, if you sweep the streets then gee golly, you be the best cleaner and sweeper this world has ever seen. No body can take that away from you.

These are great responsibilities to be taken care of. Are the wash rooms not priority number one, if we do not have clean wash rooms, then how can we be clean ourselves?

And so we hope to help everyone, especially those who feel stuck in high stressed positions as relaxation is key.

Health is great wealth and everyone truly wants to be healthy. So it is important to use your time wisely to take care of yourself. And to take certain positions in life, not for the money but for what it will help you become. Enjoyment and fulfillment come from challenging yourself and being of service to others. The first part is in showing up and we will be talking more about this.

Thank you for reading this article, may it help you better identify and manifest what you truly want to experience in life.

Many blessings

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